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Live 24-hour broadcasts from HOPE Number Nine. Check out for news, interviews, entertainment and music.  On-site, stop by the Radio Statler! booth, and maybe you can be an Internet radio star!

Lightning Talks and "Unscheduled" Fourth Track

Two types of talks can be scheduled starting when HOPE Number Nine begins on Friday Juy 13.  Lightning talks are 4-5 minute presentations, following keynotes on Friday and Saturday.

The "unscheduled" Fourth Track, in the Felsenstein Room, will accommodate 55-minute talks throughout the conference.  Sign-ups are at the Info Desk.  For more information about how to submit a lightning talk or Fourth Track talk, visit the wiki.

Live Concerts at HOPE

Friday and Saturday nights will feature live performances, starting at 10pm.  Join us for TWO NIGHTS of some of Philadelphia and New York's finest music made with circuits and game consoles. GUS once again presides over the blippery, whipping each non-moving booty of the hacker populace into an electric frenzy Tesla would have been proud of. Why shake it? Rule 34. (Remember, you're somebody's fetish. No exceptions.)

See complete details at

Art exhibits at HOPE Number Nine

As a few talks at HOPE will discuss, art and hacking share methods. They consist of looking at things sideways, for potential uses orthogonal to the usual.

These days, such unorthodox ways of seeing are prized by entrepreneurs and industrialists (or so they say). Innovation, disruptive technologies, creative destruction. But technological change has unforseen consequences. It is never fully in the control of those who would harness it.

The exhibits at HOPE this year could be seen as suggestions of ways to live, work, and play, from our own timeline or others. Like the lyrics of the song "In The Future," part of David Byrne's The Knee Plays, they present conflicting views of what is possible, and what will happen, when listed side by side:

See the complete listing of art exhibits at

Victim Wanted!

During the three-hour "Privacy - A Postmortem" presentation, Private Investigator Steve Rambam will demonstrate the power of open information sources to gather information against human targets.  Steve is seeking one or more willing targets to volunteer.  Contact him: rambam AT

Registration Desk Hours

HOPE Number Nine Registration Desk Hours

  •     Thursday July 12: 4pm-8pm: Badge pickup for pre-registrants only
  •     Friday July 13: 8am-midnight
  •     Saturday July 14: 9am-midnight
  •     Sunday July 15: 9:30am-4pm

The registration desk is in the Penn Plaza Pavillion.  Get there by entering the Hotel Pennsylavania through the main entrance on 7th Avenue, then go directly to the left as soon as you go through both sets of hotel doors. This is before you get to the main lobby.  At the entrance to the Pavillion, you will be greeted by a courteous, uniformed HOPE agent who will cheerfully guide you through the admissions process. 

Please note that you must get your registration credentials on the 1st floor of the Penn Plaza Pavillion, before you can be admitted to the speaker sessions (18th floor) or other event space.

Ticket prices at the door are $120 (cash or credit card).  Sorry, there are are no discounts for single days, children or grandparents.

Friday and Saturday night there will be live musical performances, starting at 10pm.  A discounted admission for just those events is available: $10/night, or $15 for both nights. Admission starts at 9pm, and is only valid for the Pavillion area (including Hackerspace Village, Video Temple, Lockpicking, and the rest of the space).  It does not include admission ot the 18th floor talks or movies.  For more information about the concerts, view the wiki.

Circumvention Tools Hackfest in NYC before HOPE

The Open Internet Tools Project has partnered with FreedomBox, InformSec and ISOC-NY to host a circumvention tools hackfest in NYC right before HOPE. We've got four days to plan, code and learn! If you want to hack on anti-censorship or anti-surveillance tools, bring your project, bring your skills and bring your friends. This event will be focused on writing code and solving design problems. We won't have any long presentations (there will be enough of those at HOPE), though we will have lightning talks and will give away a door prize or two.

Where: Columbia Law School, Jerome Greene Hall, 116th and Amsterdam

When: July 9 - 12, 10 am

Who: Privacy and free communication hackers like you

Please RSVP to kaurin at and tell us what you plan to work on, what
kind of projects and people you hope to meet, and which days you will join us.

Feel free to repost this invite or to link to it:

Some modest travel stipends are available for amazing projects. Email James Vasile (james at about those.

Big thanks to our partners, all of whom are contributing crucial support and resources.

NSA whistleblower William Binney will keynote at HOPE Number Nine

Our second keynote address at this year's HOPE Number Nine conference will be delivered by former National Security Agency analyst turned whistleblower William Binney.  William Binney served in the NSA for over 30 years, including a time as director of the NSA's World Geopolitical and Military Analysis Reporting Group. Based on his experience and background, he estimates that the NSA has put together over 20,000,000,000,000 (20 trillion) "transactions" - phone calls, emails, and other forms of data - from Americans. Surprising as it may sound, it's entirely possible that this could include copies of almost all of the emails sent and received from most people who live in the United States.

By coming forward to expose these abuses and provide evidence to the public and the media, Binney displays those qualities that so many in the hacker community strive for: courage, standing up to authority, revealing the truth, and honoring the rights of the individual. Regardless of where any of us wind up in the future, these values will always serve us well - and will help to foster a truly democratic society.

Read the full press release at